Custom Card Boxes

What’s a card-box you ask? A card-box is a functional party element where guests can insert their cards that they brought. Also can be used as a centerpiece at the gift table. Great for photo opportunities with guests and makes for a really cool keepsake! * Minimum 4 week notice and $100 deposit required on all orders.

 **Production Update : At this time we are not accepting custom Card box orders. We apologize for any inconvenience, and wish you the best at your next celebration.

This custom Phillies Phanatic Mascot was ordered for a wedding party. One lucky groom was very surprised when his wife surprised him with this custom order. Envelopes could drop in the back, and be retrieved through his stomach.


The photos displayed here show a wedding cake and a card cake. Can you tell which is the edible cake and which is the card cake? The Bride, Groom and guests all were fascinated by this truly unique wedding card cake.  Imagine what we can customize for your upcoming event.

Just submit an image of your event cake and we will customize a Card box to resemble your cake. You and your guests will be delighted in all the details of the card cake and might even do a double take when you see the resemblance.  We can create a custom party centerpiece or card cake box to coordinate with your next event.