Party Pinatas

The photos displayed here show the possibilities and display our papier-mâché abilities. It’s not meant to be a catalog.

 **Production Update : At this time we are not accepting custom Piñata orders. We apologize for any inconvenience, and wish you the best at your next celebration.

No matter your Occasion, whatever your Theme, we can help make your Celebration a “Smash-Hit”! Just take a look at what we have customized for some pretty cool party themes.  You can also check out our Face book Wall, for more piñata photos.

This was a custom order for a pinata to match a party theme of Gray Totoro. The big tail, both ears and the arms where all filled with color coordinated confetti. The whiskers were constructed from a durable pliable material. On top of his head was a removable leaf. Very Cute!

This pinata was ordered for a company event. The special day was “take your kids to work day”. Wow, what a great work day! Pinatas at the office, what kid wouldn’t want to go to work with their parent. Click to see a close up of the money, looks real, Ehh? It’s not, just big play money. The ears, four feet, and snout were all filled with color coordinated confetti.

This is very popular mouse for the little girls out there. The ears, snout , nose and cheeks were all filled with color coordinated confetti. The eyelashes are made from a soft durable pliable material and the tongue is made from a soft foam material.

This is a fun personalized pinata for a little baseball player that was turning 2. The pinata was created to look like a real baseball, but the logos and writings on the ball were replaced with personalization for the birthday boy.

This kitty is another favorite among the little girls out there. This pinata has an extra special touch with a glittery bow on top of her head. The ears are confetti filled and the whiskers are made from a soft durable material.

Who doesn’t love this fat cat? This custom pinata was created to match a Garfield themed party. I wonder if lasagna was the food of choice at that party? The ears and eyes were filled with color coordinated confetti. This pinata was roughly 53″ in circumference and approximately 21″ tall.

This star contains confetti in four of its arms and is entirely created from 100% papier-mache; which means it is made to break. This custom ordered star was created to match a Super Mario Galaxy birthday party theme.

Here is another cute party pinata. The ears and the antenna contain color coordinated confetti and the entire pinata is constructed from 100% papier-mache, that means it is made to break. This cute alien was a delight and was custom ordered to coordinate to the birthday party theme of Toy Story 3.

This Party piñata was customized for a college graduates party. The piñata was customized to resemble the graduates favorite hat. See, piñatas are for all ages!

This cute piñata was custom ordered to match a fun party theme. The eyelashes are made from a soft safe material without wires. The ears, snout and nose are all filled with color coordinated confetti.

This cute piñata was custom ordered to match a fun party theme as well. The ears, snout and nose did not contain confetti, as per requested.

This Cute Sea Turtle was a Custom order that was created to match a Deep Sea party Theme. There was no confetti contained inside this piñata, at the request of the party host, but still was a cute piñata. The entire piñata is created from 100% papier-mache with many tissue paper turtle spots. This pinata was customized according to a party theme invitation picture provided by the party host. I thought it was only appropriate to hang this cute turtle at a slant to appear like he was swimming/diving downward into the Deep Sea.

Here is a cute Graduate Lion piñata that I created for my daughter’s first grade class party. My daughter thought it was appropriate to have the mascot of the school wearing a grad cap. The real mascot is a more life like lion, but being that it was for the first graders I decided to make it into a cute cuddly Lion. This Lion was complete with details of a paper Grad cap and a tassel comprised of the school colors. Of course I couldn’t just stop there…. I had to add in the details of shiny gold numbers that read “2010” that hung from the tassel. The ears and snout were confetti filled on this piñata, which always is a fun additive when the piñata game is played. The Whole class enjoyed this piñata. It was a “BIG HIT”. Go Lions!

This piñata was custom created for a Bakugan Birthday Party. At the Request of my Son (Which was the Birthday boy) I created a Ventus Bakugan piñata. This is one of the most challenging piñatas that I have ever created. Of course my son didn’t request a closed ball Ventus Bakugan piñata…no, of course not. :o) I think after all these years of creating party piñatas for my kids, I may have set my self up…LOL! To read more about this piñata Click here.

Here is another custom created Bakugan Party piñata. This piñata had to hold enough goodies for a rather large group of party goers. In order to accommodate the piñata was created to be slightly closed (in mid-transformation). The approximate circumference was 43”. The piñata had lots of details including small cut out areas on wings and top.

Here is a Bad guy that you may recognize. This Piñata was custom created for a kids party. The birthday boy’s favorite character was King Koopa . The mouth, chin, horns and top spike are all confetti filled. The approximate circumference was 50”. Safety is always important when creating a piñata. Although the teeth on this piñata appear to come to a sharp point, they are constructed from soft durable foam. The spikes on the collar are constructed from foil and shaped like a dull spike.

This piñata was customized for a birthday boy that specifically liked Blue Toad. This cute piñata was created to have the head part filled with color-coordinated confetti, and the top of the hat was where the goodies would be held.

Customizing details in the piñata to reflect the birthday child is always a delight for me. The way this piñata was requested to look like the Minnie Ears that you get from Disneyland, with your name stitched onto the backside. This piñata is about 44″ in circumference.The two ears were stuffed with color-coordinated confetti. The Bow was made from Red tissue paper and the White polka-dots were all hand placed.

This Dalmatian piñata was created for my daughters Dalmatian party. The snout and chin were filled with confetti. The blue collar had shiny silver stars all around and a silver dog tag that dangled off the collar. Written on the dog tag it read “ Happy Birthday Yazmina”.

This little Monster is always a monster that kids love. This piñata was created for a kids party. The approximate circumference was 46”. The Eye part was filled with color –coordinated confetti. The teeth were made from soft White foam. All other parts were 100% papier-mâché including the arms and legs.

This piñata was custom created for a 2nd Birthday party. It was approximately 45” in circumference. The Eyes and nose are confetti filled to help add excitement to the piñata festivities. Although this was not made to be a pull string piñata, the strength of the piñata was adjusted to suit the young age group of partygoers. To read more about this piñata, click here.

Here is a custom piñata created for a Sesame Street theme party. Cookie Monster was the favorite character of the birthday boy, I was told simply because he too was a little cookie monster himself. The Eyes and the Giant Cookie were confetti filled, just for that added excitement. I typically like to include confetti in my piñatas because when partygoers see confetti falling, they know there efforts are paying off and soon there will be goodies raining down. :o)

Here is a piñata that was custom created for a Winnie the Pooh Bear Party. The ears, cheeks and snout were all stuffed with colorful confetti. Adding in confetti is just another fun custom additive I like to include when creating piñatas. To see more about this party click here.

This is a custom piñata created for a Hello Kitty theme birthday party. It was approximately 43” in circumference. Both of the ears were confetti filled. Safety is always important to me when creating a piñata. Although the whiskers on this piñata appear to come to a sharp point, they are constructed from a soft durable foam.

This was a cute custom piggy bank piñata that I really had fun creating. All four feet, both ears and the snout contained confetti. At the top of the piñata I had included the coin slot where Big Play Money was sticking out. This Money really made everyone do a double take. It looked so real, some would even go as far as to feel it. LOL!

This piñata was made to resemble the birthday child’s’ favorite giraffe plush toy. Both of the ears contained colorful confetti. With every piñata that I create, once I get the eyes on they really start to take a whole new light. This sweet giraffe really brought the “Awwwwww” out of me LOL! I really enjoyed creating this one. You may or may not notice …but I made a few of the giraffe spots take on the form of heart shapes, just for that added touch of sweetness.

This Turtle piñata was a bit of a challenge. It was custom created for a Nemo Birthday party theme. The favorite character of the birthday boy was Squirt the little Turtle. The eyes were the only part of this piñata that contained confetti. The Shell, the Head and two front limbs were all made to hold goodies. To see more about this party click here.

This piñata was custom created for a Chicken Little Theme birthday party. The approximate circumference was 47”. The cheeks, beak and red chicken comb were confetti filled. Safety is always important to me when creating a piñata, and so I was challenged to come up with a safe outcome of the glasses that Chicken Little wore. Even though the green glasses look to be a solid structure, they are in fact created from soft durable foam. Then with a thin layer of clear plastic, the lenses of the glasses were created.

This is a double whammy piñata that I created for a kindergarten Graduation party. I just had so much delight when creating these cute Veggies. Incase you don’t recognize these two, they are Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. Larry sported a grad cap, with the graduation year dangling off from the side. The tassel colors were customized to match the school colors. This is one of the biggest piñatas I have ever created. Essentially it was almost two piñatas joined together. I didn’t measure the actual circumference , but to give you an idea of how big, I couldn’t reach my arms around it to touch my hands together. To read more about this piñata creation, click here.

This was a unique challenge. Making this custom piñata for a Boys Skateboard themed birthday party. The four wheels all contain confetti. The underside of the skateboard, I decorated using a slightly different technique of gluing tissue paper down for decoration. I really wanted the flames to take form. Take a close look at the metal look-alike bearings and trucks (the metal axel that the wheels are mounted to), they are all created from soft durable foam. I was pleased with the outcome of this unique piñata.

This piñata was custom created for a Pixar Cars Birthday party theme. The many circular lines of this piñata were all made from Papier-mâché, right down to the bolts.

This was a custom piñata created for a Power Rangers Birthday party. The specific Ranger requested by the birthday child was their favorite red ranger. This piñata was roughly 39” in circumference.

This custom piñata was created to match a Rescue Heroes Birthday party theme. This piñata was requested to resemble the birthday boys’ absolute favorite Rescue Hero action figure. The cheeks nose and chin all contained confetti.

This piñata was customized based on a first birthday party invitation. The star and the purple balloon shape both contained confetti. This number one piñata was quite tall. It measured over 30” tall. Wowzers!

Here is a custom created piñata that I constructed for a Star Wars Themed birthday party. I had so much fun placing all the little buttons and details onto this R2D2 piñata. For the most part the entire piñata was created using papier-mâché. There were a few small pieces I decided to use Styrofoam to construct (bottoms of robot arms), just so I could get more precise with the angles.

This piñata was created for my Son’s Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games party theme. The true challenge of this piñata was Sonics’ hair spikes. It took me a while to get it right, but I finally did and I have to say I was very happy with the outcome. Yay! Go me! To read more about this party, click here.

This custom piñata was created for an adult (kid at heart) birthday party. The Birthday person was really a gamer, and loved Pac-man the most. The Pac-Man ghost called “Inky” was filled entirely with colorful confetti. This was truly a fun piñata to create.

Here is another duo you may recognize… Mario and Luigi, or the Super Mario Bros. These Piñatas were custom created for separate celebrations, but seeing these two piñatas side by side was such a delight, I had to share. :o) The noses, cheeks, ears and chins are all confetti filled on both of these piñata creations. To read more about these piñatas, click here.

This cute Frankenstein piñata was custom created for a Halloween Party. The ears, nose and neck bolts were all confetti filled. I always enjoy creating interesting shapes like this. Trying to figure out how to construct from Solely Papier-mâché is always a fun challenge for me. Especially when the out come is cute enough to make you smile.

This cute bat piñata creation was also made for a Halloween party. The snout and the big bat ears were the parts that contained confetti on this piñata. The wings were constructed entirely of papier-mâché, and then covered with tissue paper. I had never created wings for a piñata prior to this bat piñata. To make the wings I cut the inner bone structure shape out of the dried papier-mâché, and then covered both sides with tissue paper. Then went back with scissors to fine tune the wing shape.

This Jack-o-lantern Piñata was made for a Fall festival party. Nothing more to say other then, “It’s cute as a pumpkin”.

This Giant Sparkly Strawberry piñata was custom made for a little girls Strawberry Shortcake themed party. I used a special tissue paper that contained glitter in between the thin fibers of the paper. The result was a big beautiful sparkly strawberry. Complete with stem, leaves and small strawberry seeds scattered about the sides of the piñata.

Above is custom created piñata made to coordinate with a Super girl Birthday party theme. The fore-most heart piece with the Pink “S” on it was confetti filled. The Pink “S” itself was constructed from durable foam, and then cut out by carefully by X-acto knife. For the intricate details of the wings and the pink swirls, I made those by a paper technique I enjoy called “paper twirling”. The dark pink portion of this piñata was decorated by using glittery tissue paper. The entire piñata took on a very girly, cute, sparkly look.

Here is a custom-made beach ball piñata. This piñata was made to match a beach party theme. The simple sphere shape of this ball piñata was elaborated by the colorful partitions of tissue paper. Each section was outlined with thin strips of white paper.

This piñata was custom created to match more then just a Hawaiian theme birthday party. It was actually customized to match the colors of the Birthday girls Hawaiian party attire that she would be wearing to her birthday party. The hula skirt, bikini top, hair color and flower lei were all customized down to the detail to match the birthday girl’s birthday suit….wait, that doesn’t sound right… the birthday girls costume .LOL!

This is another custom piñata that was created for an adult birthday party. I really had so much fun creating all the little details of this Drink Piñata. The stem wedge of the glass and the lime both contained confetti. The Drink umbrella was made from Papier-mâché, and hand decorated with small flower designs. The Piñata was complete with a cherry on top, skewed by a toothpick. No worries though, this sharp looking toothpick, was made of soft durable foam. Oh, and so was the stripped drinking straw, also made from a soft foam.

This Piñata is a custom creation of a Champagne bottle. It was created for a New Years’ Eve party. The cork was created from soft durable foam that was made to fit inside the bottle, right at the top. The idea of this design was to make it seem like the Champagne bottle was in mid bubbly explosion with the cork at the tip of this flow of bubbly champagne. To create the small champagne bubbles I used tissue paper, which gave them a nice translucent appearance.

This is the Custom Scooby piñata that was created for a little boys birthday party. The ears, snout, chin and nose all contained confetti. The piñata was complete with Scooby Doo’s dog collar. The birthday boy was absolutely ecstatic with his piñata. To read more about this party, click here.

This Graduation Cap was customized for a High School Graduation Party. The Tassel colors were made from tissue paper and matched the grad’s school colors. The shiny “2007” was cut from paper and dangled at the top of the tassel.

This piggy bank Grad piñata was custom created for a High School graduation party, except this one wasn’t used quite so traditionally. Instead of stuffing it full of candy goodies for all the guests, it was set on the present table for the Grad. Guests were invited to drop their cards and monetary gifts inside. Once filled, this piggy bank was hung up to be busted. However there was only to be one participant for this piñata; and that was the grad. Nothing like a little valuable lesson for the grad… with persistence comes good fortune. :p.

As I create others, I will be sure to post them. Be sure to stop back frequently to see what new piñata creations are next…:o) You can also check out our Face book Wall, for more piñata photos.