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Whether you decided to “Try it yourself” or “Buy it customized here”, we’d all love to hear about your cool party. Tell us what your guests thought of your unique party elements. Ooh, we wanna see too! Don’t forget to send over a few of your cool party pictures highlighting your cool party so that we can post them for everyone to see.

~ * Please send no more then a total of 4 images sized at 600 x 600 pixels, 150 ppi to our party inbox.

May 2009

Check out this fab party! The Mario birthday party was complete with Super Mario Bros. party ware, cloud balloons, “M” & “L” party hats, pin the nose on Mario game, and custom created decorations. Take a close look at the cake… It’s a Gumba! I love this cake idea! Absolutely Adorable! Great job, party hats off to you! :o)

~Carie – Cool Party Blogger

Hi Carie, My daughter had a great time at her birthday party. The kids LOVED their hats and goodie bags! The Pin the Nose on Mario game was a big hit, only I hung the picture way too high. Thank you soooooo much for everything!!! You are my hero.


April 2010

Check it out! Here is another Cool party. What a wonderful colorful cake as the centerpiece, and the cutest mushroom cupcakes set all around. Take a look at the star cookies…WOW! The Loot bag ideas, Lollipop favors, Party eggs, Party Hats, and Mushroom pouches were all made by Cool Party Blog instructional How-to videos and exclusive templates. I am so happy to see and hear that your party turned out Super Cool, Gaby.

I haven’t yet had to plan a Lego themed party, but who knows what the future has is store. Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement too, what a great pick-me up. :o)

~Carie- Cool Party Blogger

Thank you so much for all your ideas and “how to” videos, they helped me a lot!!! I was wondering if you have some ideas for a lego party, my kids love the little legos sets (star war, indiana jones, all legos) their birthday are in feb so i have a full year to plan it :O)

– Gaby

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