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Park Party Checklist

Don’t Forget to bring these essential items to the Park, they may be useful at your party:

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A Birthday Party Planned at a Park

When it comes to figuring out the details of planning a party at a park, keep in mind that you might not have all the amenities at a park as you would at home or somewhere indoors. I recommend making a list and checking it twice ;o)

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Summer Party Cost Saving Tips

Well like I always say, you can plan for an extraordinary party on an ordinary budget. You just have to be aware of cost saving choices that result in saving money, or better not wasting your hard earned money.

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Simple Birthday Party Balloon Decorations

A nice touch to any celebration is Balloons. Decorating your party area with Balloons can enhance the happy party atmosphere. Now you might first think of helium filled ones, the latex kind or the Mylar type, either way helium filled balloons can be an unnecessary cost that you needn’t spend. Besides, remember what a pain […]

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Plan To Have a Safe and Fun Piñata at Your Party.

A piñata is just like anything else, with the proper adult supervision and direction a piñata can be safe and tremendously fun at any celebration. As the party host, it becomes their responsibility to ensure that the piñata game is a success and no one gets hurt.

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Birthday Party Invitation Tips

There are two things I like to include in my kid’s birthday invitations, a map with directions, and a gift idea list. If you take a little extra time to include these two things with your invitaions it will come back around as a time saver for you. Think about it, how many times would […]

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A Practical Thank You Note

Face it, not many people hold thank you notes near and dear to their heart. However, what if you sent out a practical thank you note, one that says thank you but also serves another purpose.

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