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DIY-Dimensional birthday gamer DS invitations

By popular demand…or request. You wonderful readers out there don’t really demand, you just ask kindly. :o) So I finally figured out a way to simplify this 3-dimensional invitation idea for all to easily do yourself. These DS or Double Screen dimensional birthday gamer invitations are really cool. They fold up flat and open to […]

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Personalized Gamer DS Invites

     The original version of this invitation, you might have seen included in the Mario Birthday party post. The difference is, the original version is 3-dimensional. Meaning when you open, it actually pops up to be a box for the lower portion of the invite. The original version is complex and tedious to create, so I […]

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Scooby Doo Party

This wasn’t just any Scooby doo party; it was a Surfing Scooby Doo party. So the Invitations were customized to match the fun water surfing theme.

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Custom Mushroom Birthday Party Invitations

Custom 1-up Mushroom birthday Party Invitation

Not all Mushrooms are yucky to kids…In fact, these mushroom invitations are appealing to kids and adults alike.

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A Nemo Party

Nemo is a fun party theme to plan for and is always popular among young children, but just because the theme is popular doesn’t mean you can’t put your own custom touch on things. For this party I custom created several things, including the invitations, the piñata, and a party game. First I started with […]

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Winnie The Pooh Bear Party

Here is a sweet theme that I had the enjoyment of customizing for a Toddler’s birthday party. I advise to look to the theme for inspiration and ideas. I started with the invitation design and based the layout of these invitations on the ever so popular image of Pooh Bear floating up, up, and away […]

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Custom Created Birthday Party Invitation – Buzz Lightyear Theme

Most birthday party invitations are typical in their layout, which is a folded note card style. I however like to find unique theme driven ways to create my party invitations. Sure all invitations need to have some basic information like Who, When, Where, Why, and RSVP. I like to add in a few others, like […]

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Birthday Party Invitation Tips

There are two things I like to include in my kid’s birthday invitations, a map with directions, and a gift idea list. If you take a little extra time to include these two things with your invitaions it will come back around as a time saver for you. Think about it, how many times would […]

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Don’t Forget The Envelopes.

Whenever you choose to hand craft invitations, it is important to find envelopes that coordinate to the invites. You want to find envelopes that will help complete the invitation presentation. Spending all that time creating unique invitations, only to send them out in a plain white (boring) envelopes, is not what you want to do […]

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Nintendo Gameboy Mario Party Invitations

They say First impressions go along way. Well, in the case of parties and celebrations, the same idea applies. With that theory in mind, think of invitations as a sort of promotional ad for an event.  Almost like a marketing advertisement.  A good ad won’t read “Please come to our store”. Instead it will read […]

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