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Rockin’ Sweet 16 Centerpieces

Supplies I used to accomplish these Centerpieces: Recycled Glass Bottles Recycled Black Corrugated Cardboard Clear Glass Rocks Balloon Sicks Red, Blackand WhiteBalloons Red Cellophane 2″ Black & White  Star Punchouts Invisible Hanging String Centerpiece TIPS Can’t Find= Black Corrugated Board- Use any Box and spray paint to your needed color. Can’t Find= Glass Bottles- Ask your […]

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Simple Birthday Party Balloon Decorations

A nice touch to any celebration is Balloons. Decorating your party area with Balloons can enhance the happy party atmosphere. Now you might first think of helium filled ones, the latex kind or the Mylar type, either way helium filled balloons can be an unnecessary cost that you needn’t spend. Besides, remember what a pain […]

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