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How to make Papier-Mache mixture

I have received several requests on how exactly to make papier-mâché mixture. So I decided to put together a short how to video. The only supplies needed to make papier-mâché is flour and water. I prefer using all-purpose bleached flour, and warm water when mixing mâché. I have found that these together make a nice […]

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Creating a Papier-Mache Veggie Tales Party Pinata

Below you can watch the steps taken as I was working with Papier-mâché, to create a custom “Bob & Larry” party piñata for my daughter’s Kindergarten Graduation class party. The entire process took a little over ten days (so much drying time), but I managed to fit it into two detailed videos outlining the entire […]

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Authentic Papier-Mache Veggie Tales Party Pinata

Bob and Larry are a couple of veggies that children can never get enough of, especially in my daughters’ class. For her Kindergarten Graduation class party, I volunteered to make the piñata. I first started with the idea to make just Bob the Tomato wearing a grad cap, but soon I upped the ante and […]

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Creating Inexpensive Super Hero Capes for Super Hero Parties

So your little one requested a Super Hero Birthday Party, and now you are looking for an economical way to add Super Hero details to the party for little cost. Here you will find a creative way to make ten capes for less then $10 bucks. Nice, right! Beats the work of sewing, and the […]

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My Papier-Mache Entry to the Animal Crossing Contest

So this post really has nothing to do with a party per se, but I wanted to share with you the steps I took to try to win this contest because I utilized papier-mache in the entry. This happens to be the same material I use to make party pinatas. Ok, so you may or […]

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