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Rockin’ Sweet 16 Centerpieces

Supplies I used to accomplish these Centerpieces: Recycled Glass Bottles Recycled Black Corrugated Cardboard Clear Glass Rocks Balloon Sicks Red, Blackand WhiteBalloons Red Cellophane 2″ Black & White  Star Punchouts Invisible Hanging String Centerpiece TIPS Can’t Find= Black Corrugated Board- Use any Box and spray paint to your needed color. Can’t Find= Glass Bottles- Ask your […]

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Rockin Sweet 16th Birthday Party

A Sweet Sixteen Party, with a Rockin’ Flair! The Party Invitations Here are the invitations that I designed for the Rockin’ Sweet Sixteen party and the envelope sticker:    The Party Decorating Here is what the clubhouse that we planned to hold this Shindig looked like before:   This is what it looked like after […]

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A Fun Maraca Game Craft

A Cinco De Mayo Craft

This past weekend we had a celebration; a first birthday Cinco de Mayo fiesta for one special little boy. I was asked to create a party game for the invited guests to play. So I came up with this, personalized Maracas created from recycled Coffee Mate Creamer Bottles. The shape is perfect for a Maraca, […]

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Cool New Mario Kart Birthday Party theme

This is a really cool new birthday party theme for the new year. Imagine a Mario Kart birthday party theme for your son/daughter. Now sold online, Mario Kart party products to help create an entire birthday party theme for your special kid in your life.

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Bakugan Brawl Birthday Party

This past weekend I threw a Bakugan Party for my son’s 10th birthday. The majority of the party theme was coordinated with the idea of Bakugan cards in mind.

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Spiderman and Friends Super Hero Birthday Party

Every kid loves a Super Hero, and the hardest part is picking a favorite for a birthday party theme.

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A Monsters Inc. Party theme

Mike and Sully are a couple of monsters that are cute enough to plan a whole party theme around. For my son’s third birthday I did exactly that, a Monsters Inc. birthday party. I was able to find many coordinating Monster Incorporated party supplies to use as decorations. However, I still wanted to put an […]

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Custom Created Birthday Party Invitation – Buzz Lightyear Theme

Most birthday party invitations are typical in their layout, which is a folded note card style. I however like to find unique theme driven ways to create my party invitations. Sure all invitations need to have some basic information like Who, When, Where, Why, and RSVP. I like to add in a few others, like […]

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Creating a Mario Party Themed Birthday

Decorating for a celebration can be overwhelming, especially if your party theme is hard to find, or non-existent. Like for my son’s Mario Party themed birthday party. Specifically Mario party 5 per my sons request, because my son was turning 5 at the time. I think Nintendo since then has re-released Mario Party the game […]

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Mario & Sonic Birthday Party

You need not spend a small fortune to make your child’s next celebration awesome. Understandably so, there are milestone ages throughout life that some would agree deserve bigger celebrations. However no matter what age a child is turning, I think most parents will agree that they want to make their child’s birthday a little extra […]

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