A little background about me…I am a mother of two children, and like many of you I enjoying planning and creating birthday party celebrations for my kids. I especially enjoy creating unique party items that will make the parties I throw one to remember for birthday child and guests. I am definitely always looking for something or some way to make their party special and different then all the rest. I feel, It is possible, to plan for extraordinary, on an ordinary budget. You do not need to spend a large amount of money, to pull off a unique party celebration. Spending money can be good… but spending time in planning, can be an alternative to spending money. In the coming months, This website will grow to show and explain how to create unique party accessory items that set any festive occasion apart from ordinary ones. It will touch on many different party themes. Popular themes that I have personally been challenged to develop and create something unique, customized and personalized for my child or my friends children. Over the years, I have developed many unique invitations, party games, party crafts, party piñatas, party hats and loot bags. I will use this blog to not only show pictures to you, but also to share templates with you.

Many times I have been asked, “Where do you find the time to create all these party details?”. Well, honestly I think that it really comes down to pre-planning. Trust me, I do not have large amounts of time on my hands. Like so many others, I juggle a full-time job, a full time household and a full-time marriage. So whenever I am throwing a party, I try to make sure that I know what the theme will be at least a couple months in advance. This way I can begin to think, create and search for coordinating items for the party in advance. With this type of pre-planning approach, I am able to create many coordinating party details. However, even though I create many of the details, I cannot create everything. So I resort to purchasing many party items as well. I have found this one party place that sells many party themes including official Mario & Luigi party items. I have included the link to this trusted affiliate in column to the right, in case you are searching for similar items to add to your party. Also I know how time consuming it can be to search for unique party items, so I decided to help take the time out of the search. On the “Cool Party Shop” page you will see many party items, some official and some not, but they all coordinate well together for a unique Mario Party.

Exclusive Templates to Cool Party Blog
All the templates you find here are unique to this site. I take pride in each of the templates that I create.  Each template is created with the end user (meaning you) in mind. Giving clear instruction, while providing how to videos, and or pictures for you to reference is a goal I have for this website. If you use a template, be sure to come back soon because there will be a bunch more. If you are pleased with a template, let me know, I would like to hear how you added a unique element to your party using a
template from www.CoolPartyBlog.com.

About Cool Party Elements
So you Like it, but you don’t really have the time to Try it.The right side column contains a variety of party items that have been included in my posts.  So whether your running short on time, or your just short on help, I have set up a way for you to custom order the items so that you can enjoy them at your next celebration too.

Some Cool Affiliates
Here are some of the affiliates that I have joined. If you have a blog, and want to join up with some affiliates I will list some great ones here.

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