Rockin Sweet 16th Birthday Party

A Sweet Sixteen Party, with a Rockin’ Flair!

The Party Invitations

Here are the invitations that I designed for the Rockin’ Sweet Sixteen party and the envelope sticker:

Rockin16_22 Rockin16_23 Rockin16_24

The Party Decorating

Here is what the clubhouse that we planned to hold this Shindig looked like before:
Rockin16_1 Rockin16_2

This is what it looked like after we completed decorating for this Rockin’ Sweet Sixteenth Party.

Rockin16_3 Rockin16_8 Rockin16_4

Rockin16_6 Rockin16_7 Rockin16_5

The Party Centerpieces

Here is the cool centerpieces that I created to coordinate with the party theme.

I will posted a separate post on how I went about creating these. Click here to read more about these. Would you believe that these 10 centerpieces were created for under $10?!

Rockin16_11 Rockin16_9 Rockin16_10

The Party Cupcakes

Here are the Cupcakes that were baked for the event, topped off with Customized Shrinky Dinks. I love Shrinky Dinks! So easy to personalize, and you can turn any ordinary cupcake into extraordinary!

Rockin16_12 Rockin16_13 Rockin16_14

The Cool Card Box

Now this cool teen was in for a surprise for her birthday present, which consisted of a beautiful brand new guitar. And of course I couldn’t resist but to customize a card box that resembled the real guitar.

Rockin16_21 Rockin16_17

The card box was utilized as a place for guests to write down birthday wishes and inspirational sayings for this young teen heading towards adult hood. Near the card box was postcard size cards that guests were able to jot down a few words and insert into the card box. These cards could be kept by the teen in a scrap book for memories. In addition, the back of the card box was purposely all black so that guests could sign it, for added memories.

Rockin Sweet 16_20 Rockin16_16 Rockin16_15

Rockin16_18 Rockin16_19

The Parting Favors

Below are the parting favors that I created. They were slim white boxes that I glued on a printed design onto the front and back. Inside the boxes, I filled with color coordinated M&M’s (Red,Blackand White). At the top of each box I hung a customized guitar pick, made from….of course my favorite Shrinky Dinks. These guitar picks were able to be utilized as keychains or zipper pulls. I wrapped the boxes in small cellophane bagsand topped off with color coordinated curling ribbon.

To read more about these custom party favors click here

Rockin16_26 Rockin16_25 Rockin16_27

Rockin16_29 Rockin16_30


If you are looking for Sweet Sixteen Items to plan your upcoming event, check out the items below:

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