Rockin’ Sweet 16 Centerpieces


Supplies I used to accomplish these Centerpieces:

Centerpiece TIPS

Can’t Find= Black Corrugated Board- Use any Box and spray paint to your needed color.

Can’t Find= Glass Bottles- Ask your local bar/restaurant if they could save some for you. They will have many fun shapes and colors available.

Don’t Want to Use glass Rocks= Try other fillers like Sand, Polished Stones, Soil, Colored Water, or maybe even Confetti.


Rockin16_38 Rockin16_46

Rockin16_34 Rockin16_39

I started with some black corrugated board. The heavy duty kind that boxes are made from.  I was able to find several of these empty boxes at my local BJ’s Wholesale Club (inside the free grab a box bin at the front of the store). Then I used my projector unit to project a guitar shape, about 12 inches tall onto the boxes. Using extreme care and a sharp utility knife I cut out 12 of these guitar shapes. Then I utilized recycled glass bottles; which I filled with Clear Glass Rocks and wrapped in red clear Cellophane.

Rockin16_37 Rockin16_36

Inorder to keep the cellophane wrapped securely, I just used small strips of black paper to wrap around the necks of the bottles. Using the extra black paper I decided to use my large Star Punch
to make black and white stars. The black star punches I simply slipped inside the cellophane ruffles at the tops. I also used the star punches around the bases and hanging from the balloons. This was easily accomplished by taping the punches to Invisible Hanging String
and sticking the clear strands into the Balloon Sicks.

Rockin16_32 Rockin16_41 Rockin16_40

After the bottle was wrapped, I stuck the balloon sticks inside and attached the 8 balloons (1 red at top, 3 black in the middle and 4 white at the bottom). Wrapped the ballon sticks, because they weren’t all the same color, so I decided to hide them utilizing the cellophane scrap pieces. I then printed 1″ x 11″ strips that read “Happy Rockin’ Sweet Sixteen” and I wrapped those loosely around the cellophane wrapped balloon sticks.

Rockin16_10 Rockin16_9 Rockin16_11


I prepared 10 centerpieces all for under $10. Look for items that you can utilize and up-cycle so that you can create cool centerpieces for your events without spending a huge chunk of change. Like I always say, You dont have to spend a fortune to make an event extraordinary, but you might have to spend a little more time getting creative. Have fun making your centerpieces!




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